Organic Wines from Northwestern Louisiana: A Guide for the Best Quality

Organic wines are becoming increasingly more popular, and many people are looking for the best organic wines produced in Northwestern Louisiana. Natural Merchants is a major importer of high-quality certified organic wines, and they now reside in the beautiful mountainous region of West Monroe, Louisiana. All agricultural ingredients used in wine must be grown and produced without excluded methods, including most conventional pesticides, fertilizers and synthetic ingredients, genetic engineering, ionizing radiation, or sewage sludge. The wine is produced under extremely hygienic conditions, bottled after a short fermentation in steel tanks and covered with a screw cap or high-quality cork to ensure that oxygen does not reach the wine until it is opened.

Organic wines are labeled “Made with organic grapes”. These wines are grown according to USDA guidelines, as well as with their country of origin's reciprocal organic certification partner. We import wines from Europe and South America, and all wines must meet USDA organic standards. In addition to our organic and biodynamic wine selections, and our local, organic, and gluten-free craft beers, we also offer other popular categories of alcoholic beverages that meet many lifestyle, diet and flavor options. When it comes to organic wines, there are two main categories: “Made with organic grapes” and “Organic Wines”.

“Made with organic grapes” refers to wines in which at least 70% of their grapes come from organic sources. Sulfur dioxide can also be added to these wines. In the United States, wines labeled as USDA organic are wines with no added sulfites (also known as NSA wines). Therefore, a wine produced and sold in a foreign country usually has a separate label if it is also imported into the United States. These partnerships allow certified organic products in one country to be sold as organic in the other.

Sulfur dioxide, a compound formed by sulfur and oxygen, occurs naturally during fermentation in small quantities, so all wines contain a very small amount of sulfites. Organic wine is grown in a way that protects the environment and preserves the life of both the soil and the vines. White wines are particularly difficult to produce without the use of sulfites, so almost all imported organic white wines will be produced with the use of added sulfites. The legal limit for the combination of natural and added sulfites in wines labeled “Made with organic grapes” is 100 parts per million (ppm). In wines labeled “organic wines”, sulfites are not allowed to be added and naturally occurring sulfite levels must be below 10 parts per million (ppm).Organic winegrowers promote ecological biodiversity among vineyards, allowing other plants to grow in and around the vineyard to attract beneficial insects and pollinators.

Landry Vineyards has 24 different wines to choose from, including dry whites and reds, semi-sweet whites and reds, and port wines. There is a growing interest in organic wines from around the world, both for their quality and for the positive benefits for the environment. If you're looking for organic wines produced in Northwestern Louisiana, Natural Merchants is your best bet. They offer high-quality certified organic wines produced by families with no added sulfites, organically grown wines, biodynamic wines, and high-quality vegan wines.

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